Looking forward to the new pound coins?



I have a colleague who still does office-wide emails about finding those rare fivers. Fuck the fuck off.


quidsout in some ways too.



Won’t somebody PLEASE think of the vending machines!?


They sound like they’re much more expensive to make. Probably cost about a fiver each to produce.

This has made me think about the economics of the royal mint, and I don’t want to think about the economics of the royal mint.


Some machines may need to be altered to accept the new pound coins, but the cost of this is negated by the fact that your business will no longer be losing out by receiving counterfeit quids.

Not my words, the words of a marketing spod who works for a company that fits the bits in vending machines that take the coins.


And the fact you can probably slap 10p on a few items to cover your costs quite easily.


Fuck this, I’m writing a strongly worded email to my local representatives asking them if devolution can save us. Also,



stock up on your trolley coins folks- gonna be rare as


I have 3 of those things in my car. No idea why, I’m only going to use one trolley at a time.


be able to flog a couple on the dark web soon


does anyone know what banks have coin counting machines? i’ve got a huge jar of coins (hi ladies) that would take me months to count by hand

there must have some of those coinstar machines, but like, free. surely?


Months? How big is this fucking jar?


Gibraltar will want to get their own back for the brexit thing. I don’t know what Isle of Man’s problem is.


You’ll need to take them to your own bank into a branch.

NatWest (who I bank with) has these machines in their branches and I do this.


Mate, it tells you in that article how much pound coins weigh. Just use a scale and bag them.


it’s about £20 worth but I count really slowly


i so can’t be arse counting i’d rather open a bank account with someone that has one of those machines


My guess is that all major high street banks would have them if NatWest do. They’re shit.


Can’t deal with leftover soup, can’t count pound coins. Honestly mate, you’re a disgrace! :wink:


two thoughts:

  1. being a nerd about coins reminds me of someone I know from back in college who has displayed an enthusiasm for rare coin designs. thinking about this makes me pull a face - not quite as full-on as contempt or disgust, but somewhere between incredulity and those two.

  2. whenever I see some gross institutional thing where the winning design was done by a school-kid, I pull the same expression as above.

I know kids can help who they are even less than adults, but the thought of a 15 year-old knocking up some simpering, teacher-pleasing clichéd establishment drivel like a fucking daffodil coming out of a coronet, the pompous little hack, crossing his arms and sitting up straight and being polite so he gets to go to dinner before everyone else… [tails off].

  1. I know, I said “two thoughts”. I forgot what point I was trying to make. there’s probably a strong element of self-loathing running through this post.