Looking forward to the new pound coins?



Only one I’ve ever used was in HSBC in Glasgow city centre.


more than anything!


The state of that design as well. What a fucking mess.


That’s what happens when you outsource to schoolkids or whatever.

(Although a similar national plant portmanteau is all over our passports, isn’t it? Or maybe it was the previous edition.)


I can’t find any Discourse emojis for ‘throwing up at nationalism’ and ‘anger at the Tory kids from my old grammar school’, but just imagine I had found those exact emojis.


I don’t really understand what’s going on underneath the crown.


Pointless fact. I live the closest to the Royal mint of any dis user. FACT


Had a new passport last year and it is an absolute state. Every page has got shit like tube maps, trains, phone boxes, churches plastered all over it. Looks proper amateur hour. My old one was nice and simple, with different birds on each page.


Oh right. My current one has weather symbols on each page in the corners. They’re mostly clouds/rain as befits this place. :smiley:


Think it’s this page I’m remembering actually:

that image behind the text on the right is a weird rose, thistle, daffodil, shamrock hybrid.

This is what my pages look like:


Mine has all this tat on it:

Just looks far too busy and messy for my liking.


FUCK ME!!! :joy:

Ah well, in 10 years you can get the new blue one which will probably feature union flags and foreigners being killed by British soldiers throughout history.


We won’t have passports by then, why would any true British person ever want to leave this ruddy great nation?


Someone needs to leave for a while to do all that worldwide trade we’ve been promised.


I really like the current £1 coin and will be sad to see it go


If we’re factoring in the admnistrative costs of reprogramming the machine as well then might as well make it 20p.


Nothing outside of the dice section of Games Workshop should have 12 sides.



How long did you spend working this out or was it just by pure chance? Great work :smiley:


Mate, if they want the honour of being allowed to buy our stuff, the least they can do is come over here and pick it up themselves.