Looking forward to the new pound coins?



Thats not my hand unfortunately


Letting the rest of the world through our proud patriotic Blue, Red and White border? I don’t think so! The whole point of Brexit was to close it off from them!


Apparently the tails design will be a moving tribute to the late Rick Parfitt, in return for Francis Rossi’s help in the design process

Jokes workshop

It’s a quid pro quo

Jokes workshop

Getting rid of fivers will clearly adversely affect the poor the most.
New pounds like shite too.


Great work.


A bit confused by this. Are you saying poor people are denied access to the new plastic fivers or did I miss something?


It’s a classic case of didn’t-read-the-article tbh. Thought they were getting rid of fivers altogether, which definitely seems like a thing this government would be up for.


This needs more attention, absolute poetry in motion.


Indeed. Strong, strong posting.


Quite surprised/“impressed” how quickly they’ve supplanted the old ones and become the new norm.


I’d fucking hope so the old one goes out of circulation in October!


fucking hate those old bullshit pound coins, wish id never seen them


It’s strange to think how we ever survived without bimetallic, 12-sided pound coins really, isn’t it?


it disgusts me that we were ever that primitive


They’re too shiny, and I keep confusing them for 20p in my wallet.


Not for shopping trolleys, Wza!


The vending machine at work hasn’t been changed to take them either. It’s a fucking nightmare


I used one this morning and I can confirm that it worked


Wish they’d hurry up with those new plastic tenners.