Looking like Fred Elliot


I saw a guy at lunchtime who looked just like Fred Elliot. This is coming from someone who has never really watched C. Street yet I still saw this guy and thought fuck he looks like Fred E. There is nothing he could do about it either really. Like if you looked like Timmy Mallet you could put in contacts, shave your head and wear muted tones. This bloke though, nothing he could do about it.


I don’t know who that is.


That means you look like him!


had a giant soft mallett, funny glasses




Are you sure it wasn’t Fred Elliot.


I reckon C. Street takes longer to type than Corrie.


I am now:



But would probably be less annoying.


Fucking loved Fred Elliot, what a fucking character eh


I could’ve SWORN he died about 3 years ago.


Oh shit! I thought that meant he died in 2016! Maybe it was him.


He’s very much alive. Well this has confused me. Ashley lad.


‘Years active’ may well be a euphemism for alive


Could mean sexually



wait so stringfellow is dead, but fred elliot is alive??


The big man Jesus has been dead what 2,000 years and he’s still very much active.


Genuinely the best recurring character in the history of British TV, or at least second after…


Yeah sure looks that way alright