Looking like Fred Elliot

It was a mean-spirited post and I hope we can all move on from it

ProfK one of the native non-speaking roles from Eldorado. Maybe a pool cleaner.


Thought this thread was gonna be about a track on the new Half Man Half Biscuit album or something

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Emily (or “Auntie Em” as Spider always referred to her, just as she always called him by his Christian name) was always tolerant of Spider’s “herbal cigarettes” being smoked in her home.

bang on tbh.


when i was about 10 me and my mate set up a Spider Nugent fan club. just us ruffling our hair to make it messy tbh


I mean, tbf… He’s nailed that actually Lonzy, mate

just needs the shades and can of kronie and we’re there

I am a good and decent man

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Didn’t the guy who plays Fred Elliot have his throat cut after some sort of alleged sexual liaison?

Or was that Thora Hird?

Fred Elliot is the butcher and Fred West is the tinned fish man. Easy.

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