Looks like Cymbals Eat Guitars are over

Based on some things Joe said in an interview about David Berman, and the fact he has a new project starting up (the songs for that sound pretty typical for him and pretty typically great)

Was always a big fan of them - thought the first album was slightly overrated but I grew to love it after the fact so I was probably reacting against the hype mainly. Lenses Alien was wild, one of the most interesting indie rock albums to come out this decade I’d say, so twisty and dense and the lyrics are something else. The “There was a man who killed a state trooper” line from Plainclothes gets stuck in my head regularly, and Tunguska has one of my favourite sets of lyrics around.

The last two albums are more uneven but both have a handful of cracking songs on them, just love the passion in his voice and their aesthetic throughout all their work. Favourite song might be this b-side, pretty heartbreaking story of his relationship with their original keyboard player:

Any other fans around?

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Love them. And gutted there might not be more, but looking forward to the new project.

I was fortunate enough to see them live a few years ago. Was right down the front and the amount of sweat flying off into the crowd was something else. One of my favourite gigs.

Why there are mountains is the one for me. All of their albums really warrant multiple listens. Always loved the first version of Tunguska, which I don’t remember being on the album at first but is now tacked onto the end of the album on Spotify.

I liked the first album and saw them touring it but only ever dipped into the other albums and not went back to them

Still a classic case of album 1 track 1 being impossible to live up to

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Yeah I got into Mountains through Spotify so that version of Tunguska is the one for me. Some of the early crowds looked so into it, always seemed weird to me just how little interest they generated after that even compared to other weird guitar bands.

Never gonna forgive my friend for booking a gig with his band after we’d got tickets to see them play in New York, would have been such a good atmosphere arghh.

I remember Tunguska being a free download and a bonus track or sutin

Yeah, I had it as an MP3 which I lost when my iPod gave up the ghost. Glad to have it back through Spotify.

Such a great band, one of the (mid?) 00s great outsider groups imo. Always remained weird enough to avoid being pigeon holed - perhaps to their detriment commercially. But a fantastic group. Debut remains my favourite too but think I’m going to revisit all their records this week. Glad to see he has a new project though…and very cool one of the tracks features…The Wrens!!!:partying_face:

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Great band, Lose is the one for me. This is how you open a record:

The whole thing is excellent mind


Need to listen beyond the first two albums which is something I haven’t done yet, which is crazy as I absolutely love the first two. Though my cd of Lenses Alien was always fucked so it made it a bit difficult to listen to parts.

Tunguska is one of my all time favourite songs - the lyrics have some of the strongest imagery for me of anything I have heard, the vocal gives them the absolute perfect delivery and the music complements it so excellently.

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The first two are the best but you could make an equally good albums out of the best cuts from the other two - which is no mean feat!

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Ah that’s a real shame! One of the few indie rock groups that I really enjoy these days.

Lose is probably my favourite record of theirs, but all four are ace.

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This verse, tho

My depression suddenly lifted
All the adrenaline shocked my nervous system
Swore I’d be present and grateful for every second
Later the feeling faded
I couldn’t help it

(listening to Pretty Years - slow start but really getting into it now)


Mallwalking and July are my favourites from this

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Dancing Days run through to WELL is pretty exquisite.

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He’s a hell of a lyricist!


For me, this is an absolutely perfect song


He mentions Alex G in the lyrics to July too, for more motivation to get into him :wink:

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Had actually meant to link to “Chambers” here seeing as @Fintans_Cat had already posted “Jackson” but managed to fuck it up. What a bellend.

Anyway, I love that cheesy chugging chorused guitar.


Jackson was worth posting twice tbh

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I love that album