Looks like meat's back on the menu is back on the menu, boys.

Always a new person taking issue with this great line

they don’t need restaurants to have a menu

the menu could just refer to what ever the cook was making that day


Agreed. Love the line, personally.

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Thought this was a Jordo Numbers thread


As long as @Epimer visits.

i wouldn’t go that far

just don’t think it shatters the fourth wall as some people like to claim

I just love a good action movie type line, even one in something like this.

each to their own

In all honesty it’s a load of fucking bollocks to be mad at that. All the characters in the films use modern English, none of it would make sense etymologically in Middle Earth world but there we are.

Also the world has taverns and pubs, there’s no reason “menus” wouldn’t have come about organically. In a world that has flying fire eyes, stranger things have happened.


I too think it’s ok. Not like they said “this is better than TGIs lads”


The orc would have no frame of reference regarding restaurants. Unless he was the orc Egon Ronney or something

  • There are no restaurants in middle earth!!!
  • Menu simply refers to the foods available to the orcs at any given time
  • He had just seen a man throw a shoe

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gandalf shuffles into the first film to show off his firework display skills nobody’s going OH BUT HOW DID HE GET TO MEDIEVAL CHINA


Why do the eagles simply not fly the takeaway meat to orcs?


I was wondering where he got his fireworks from at this time of year


Do the orcs speak English (or whatever the language is that the Hobbits / men speak, the common tongue of Middle Earth) or are we hearing them in translation for sake of ease?

not in the places i go it’s not

Always been more annoyed by the line “what new devilry is this?” in a mythology without a Devil.

(Probably covered in the Unfinished Tales of the Ballad of Whifflebum & Doth’rag’telano or something)

‘Looks like meat’s back on the menu, boys!’
‘Sir, this is a Nandos’


Yeah they speak orc