Looks like some black metal fest in Canada is doing an ATP

puts popcorn in microwave

Ah, this is sad - feels worse somehow because it’s a niche genre and the economic realities involved for everyone

Dyson hand dryers, etc.


Goatpenisdarkness, GoatPENISdarkness.

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the neighbour of the beast


Lots of bands can’t even come up here for Criminal record issues

Oof, if that’s true then that’s fairly worrying.

I’m not on Facebook. Tried clicking it anyway mind

Woah, this is all unforlding in real time. It’s a bit uncomfortably voyeuristic.

I’m in th same boat as allisfulloflove- whats going on?!



From what I can gather…

  • Big Black / Death metal event with strong line-up of its genre scheduled for August 16th in Edmonton.
  • People book flights etc. to come from places such as Germany & the UK, such is the strength of the lineup.
  • Some light complaining about merch associated with the festival that has been bought not turning up.
  • Rumours of band cancellations start, but nothing confirmed by the promoter until this post on 12th August.

While it is true that a couple bands (Deiphago, Nyogthaeblisz, and Funeral of God) unfortunately felt it necessary to cancel their appearance at Temple of Ascension Vol. 1, the festival remains steadfast with what is still undoubtedly a very strong lineup. See you all soon.

  • Comments on this post, reveal that over time, more bands are getting cancelled, but this is being revealed by people looking at comments on the pages of those bands / rumours, nothing from the organiser. Bands put the blame squarely on the organisers.
  • Talk of bands replacing those that have cancelled, but still all rumours with the organisers staying silent.
  • Talk of part of the reason that some of the lineup have cancelled is due to visa / entry issues as they have criminal records.
  • “Announcements” are made but from actual people, where it’s not clear if they have anything to do with the festival itself.

Announcement Show is now only half of August 16th from 7pm to about 845pm…sorry for any inconvenience.

  • Then general internet people turn up and post popcorn gifs like the turds we are.
  • People turn their attention on the promoter, but then on some other guy and then there’s a disagreement as to whether it’s the promoter or the other guy who is to blame. Lots of personal information of both of those people revealed in the discussion. Talk of “beating his ass”.
  • Some guy who claims to be the organisers roommate keeps insisting that Profanatica will be playing despite their own post saying they will not.
  • Then two hours ago, from another person who is not the organiser

Official response unfortunately has been delayed - but wheels are now back in motion… And it’s looking like a rather quick turnaround can be salvageable! Even potentially with some who have previously mentioned canceling… Stay tuned!!!

  • Some people start to get optimistic again.
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This pretty much. The guy who is trying to salvage it is the venue owner himself. Also a band got to the airport to find out their flight had been cancelled

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This quote from ‘Buriedincorn’ on Reddit:

“Looking at airfare already, missing Goatpenis isn’t an option.”


Wondered what Barry had been up to.

Thanks for the breakdown. Depressingly familiar tale!

Didn’t know they’d reformed

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We apologise for the delay as we deliberated on a solution to provide a worthy line-up for those committed to attending this festival. Poor handling and communicaiton on our part led to some great bands having to cancel their appearance. We wanted to make sure we had a good line-up sorted before we posted an update. Here is the update with the final running time and line-up order as well as price changes to compenates for the fest now being dropped to only two days. The price for attending two days is now $60 and the price for a one day pass is $35. Those who purchased a three day pass for the $100 price will be compensated for the now vacant first day and those who are no longer attending at all will recieve their full refund.

Day 1 (Friday, August 17th):
Rites of Thy Degringolade
Nekro Drunkz

Day 2 (Saturday, August 18th):

  • People don’t seem to agree that the price cut reflects the change in lineup.
  • The band they insisted hadn’t cancelled had cancelled.
  • Lots of talk of the organiser going on a European tour with a band recently implying that’s where all the money went, or at least that it was irresponsible under the circumstances.
  • Ticket seller Ticketfly won’t give refunds as “line-ups are subject to change”.
  • People sharing screengrabs of conversations with the promoter, including members of bands no longer playing where questions of flight bookings etc. were being avoided.

Of all the words to misspell.


Can’t imagine how stressful and awful it would be to run something like this and have it go wrong, which I guess is why you don’t half-ass it.

Oh boy!