Looks like the leadmill in Sheffield could be closing

Didn’t they sell a load of memorabilia that it seemed like they didn’t want to auction off during the pandemic just to see them through it? Must be absolutely gutting.


Terrible news! I used to be a regular. It was never my favourite venue but I had some good nights there. I saw some amazing bands (particularly on Saturday nights in the early 90s) but it was often marred by the venue letting people in for the club night before the main act finished. I saw the last part of many gigs ruined by talkers, hence the Replacements referring to it as ‘the Shitfield Leadmill’.


That’s sad, been to loads of gigs there but not for several years, presumably the Academy crowded them out as have been there last couple of times.

I’ve just worked out that I’ve not been there in about 10 years. Anyone I’ve wanted to see in the 2010s has either been at one of the Manchester venues or the Brudenell.

It’s purely to do with the landlord selling the building apparently :man_shrugging:

Arctic Monkeys lads could buy this up pretty easily.

Use it as a tax write off :zipper_mouth_face:

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There was definitely a moment in time about ten years ago when Leeds quite quickly supplanted Sheffield as the Yorkshire city that international touring acts in particular would head to instead. It must still have such a massive part to play locally

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