Looks like the NME are back on form!



Just look at ‘King Of Limbs’: probably the most eagerly anticipated record in history


on a more positive note, that was - no exaggeration - at least ten times longer than anything else i’ve read from NME in the last ten years. more long form pieces (that aren’t shit, as this frequently was) might bring back a couple of readers


But have they told us Noel and Liam’s takes on this yet?


It’s 3 years old that article.


It’s hardly Charles Shaar Murray or Paul Morley but there’s not too much wrong with that piece. It’s better than another listicle or a piece on Liam’s hair.


No it isn’t




According to the date on the article, it is. Could be a mistake though I guess?


Here are the Reddit threads from 2014, the year it was first published.

It’s been tweaked since, someone has added ‘2017’ in one line so it looks like a new piece but it’s 3 years old.

But let’s not fight eh?