Looks like Wilkos is fucked

Not been in for a while.

Lived down the road from one until last year and went all the time, so this is probably my fault. Sorry Wilkos.

@The_Respected_User you’re going to want to stock up on the raspberry Fry’s, pal

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The one in the Arndale is always busy. Quite good to get DIY bits. Guessing they’ve been done by cost.

I like their pic n mix

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Last time I was in Wilko they did that “do you want to round up your amount to charity?” Or whatever it is and it was something like 5p and I said no because I wasn’t really listening how much it was and had just donated £1 in primark or something and my wife has never forgotten about it or let it go “you wouldn’t donate 5p?!!”
Let it go I wasn’t listening!!


Actually I got my dad something for his birthday from there.

So sometime before mid May was the last time I went in.

(His birthday is mid May)

mean AND ignorant! you MONSTER!!!

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Went in about 20 years ago and they didn’t know what gaffer tape was, they’ve had this coming.

(I am obviously sorry to hear about the potential job losses)

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Bought a garlic crusher that was really shit, but other than that it’s always been fine RIP

When I worked in Manchester City Centre I’d take a lunchtime walk, it would more often than not piss it down so I’d end up doing laps of the Arndale. Wilko was one of the best shops for elongating that walk because it had two levels and multiple aisles. Always just seemed so random in what it did, pick ‘n’ mix, lightblubs, plastic garden furniture, Disney dvds. I guess it’s now been replaced by places like B&M, which do that with a more obvious budget vibe.

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feels like it you want a generic type of household purchase the uk high street is saturated with these types of store


…such as? High streets in most towns seem to only be saturated with charity shops, restaurants, opticians, hairdressers/barbers and boarded up units as far as I can tell.


poundshops as well I guess

use it often. dang


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Still not really sure what Wilkos is

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If you needed a generic household item and you weren’t sure where would sell it then Wilkos was the best place to look (plus sweets and toiletries)

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