Looks like Wilkos is fucked

always got confused because I couldn’t remember if wilkos was short for Wilkinson’s or WIlkinson’s Sword - which I think is a different thing?

Always seemed a bit of a weird mish mash of a shop to me - there’s better range and prices of all the stuff you could buy in there elsewhere. Did buy some washing line pegs there recently though.

They make razors

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Wilko’s sword

I wasn’t listening! Is like when you go to WH Smith to buy a pen and they try and sell you chocolate and lightbulbs at the till. Just say “no thanks” to all of the questions, but sometimes you get stung and are responsible for an entire business going under

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unusual way of displaying cups, but i think i approve

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Why don’t they rebrand it Wiggos and offer charmingly shit memes instead? That seems to me the type of thinking that’ll carry this business into the 20s.



Dozens out of 400. Doesn’t say how many dozens

My nearest Wilko’s is on a retail park.

Love Wilko’s


Weirdly unable to confirm whether it is or not despite having been in that branch loads - photo looks too well lit and ordered, no disorienting piles of pet toys just across from teetering stacks of Hammerite and racks of Haribo

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Mrs f is genuinely upset. They sold gardening stuff that she can’t get around here anywhere else.

Looking forward to Wilko being 75% Funko Pops and a bottle of drain cleaner suddenly costing £27.99

(Hope this happens - can only imagine what the staff are going through right now)


Jeff Tweedy having to free up some space in the garage to store the Alfreton branch’s unsold birdfeeders

Free postage over £20 though

“I would like to salute…
The ashes of a Pick 'N Mix bag”


And all the power leads
Filling up shopping bags (for life)

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