what u eating hun

leftover burrito bits and pieces

cod chips and mushy peas from the work canteen

was pretty good - and fairly cheap (which is unusual for my work canteen these days)

fishy friday

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Chilli sin carne with a cheeky side portion of mushy peas and beans that was meant for the fish and chips.

Gonna walk into town. Genuinely fancy a McDonalds. It’s been mooooonths.

had a chana masala from the curry place in the post office

then i had a bit of banoffee pie someone had brought in

nap now pls

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Pretty pleased with myself as I was very, very tempted to get something greasy and dreadful en route home.

Got back and made a big old bowl of brown rice, baked tofu, veg, and peanut chilli sauce. Not actually that delicious, but I feel a lot better for it.

Will probably buy a burger or some shit later anyway.

so you have tried the post office


Vada pav and okra fries and it’s amazing

i’ve been there twice today: once to post something and then again to get lunch


why is a post office selling curry

that london, eh. whatever next.

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never had okra fries. would be interested.

They are really really good, partly because they don’t taste​ like vegetables

Had a corn chowder and rice soup from Burley’s. Too hot and I vaguely burnt my tongue. Now iced bun and an iced doughnut from Waitrose with my Oat Milk coffee.

ham, cheese and tomato sandwich
sainsbos tin o’ tomato soup
diet coke

absolutely fucking textbook.

isn’t it Birley’s?

had a ham and cheese croissant yesterday. was absolutely banging but could have eaten about 30 of them.

never had a savoury croissant. am I missing out?

Chana masala, bombay potatoes, peas and cabbage, biryani and a side of lime pickle.

Medium-sized, obviously.

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