Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power TV Series

The Numenor is the absolute pits in this looks amazing but another episode of deciding whether to go or not is just really annoying only for at the end of episode not to see the decision being made and then setting off anyway. was absolutely done by the horse being lifted into the ship at the beginning. just general flip flopping all over in this episode even in the southlands was annoying

If Sauron is the stranger going to be so hacked off. Reckon Sauron is the blonde person at the start.

Final thing Didn’t Elrond break his oath already by showing Mithril to Celebrimbor?

Ah cheers for this. Just watched ep 3 and I was thinking that surely the rings being forged was well ahead of Isildur.

Seems a shame they’ve drastically changed the timelines.

Also, I hadn’t realised Aragorn was Arwen’s 1st cousin many times removed. Hmmmm.

Hmmm yeah, another slow one. Still loving being in this world but there’s some things i’m struggling with

really not feeling all the stuff on Numenor, which is a shame as I love this version of Galadriel and the idea of political intrigue is neat. But having the reasons for Miriel changing her mind just being because of the vision is pretty weak, and it doesn’t explain why half the city now wants to volunteer? Also the Halbrand stuff is pretty confusing because they’ve done little to give us a notion he is anything other than an Aragon knock off

with Arondir, is the idea that Adar let him go as he knew that a bunch of the townspeople would still have loyalty to Sauron? If so, that could have been clearer

Still really enjoying the Harfoots and Elrond/Durin, and it looks like things will start heating up in the next episode

I know lots of people cba with the harfoot stuff and I totally understand that and was feeling the same but I’m really liking the relationship between nori and the star man, the am I a peril am I good moment and depending on who he turns out to be, through their story and relationship I’m getting this deeper truth coming through that maybe evil isn’t ‘evil’ but more of an uncontrolled/Untempempered power? Or something? I think there’s a really beautiful, bittersweet moment coming between these two where we understand that good and evil or light and darkness are simultaneously attracted and opposed to each other? Or something?


Episode 5 spoiler And perhaps it ties in with Galadriel saying Gil galad and Elrond couldn’t distinguish her from the evil she was fighting and when the king of the south lands (forgotten his name) was saying why do you keep fighting and she was like ‘I can’t stop’ and how at the beginning Gil galad implies that it was her rebellion that almost created the evil she sought to defeat? Or something?

I enjoy the Harfoot stuff, I find their belief in prioritising the collective wellbeing as an absolute rule above all else and that it doesn’t always make them likeable quite interesting, that people get left behind who could have been helped, the Stranger coming into all that and challenging their conservative and rigid way of life works. The Stranger doesn’t give me evil vibes at all, as you say it’s untempered power in the hands of someone without the ability to control it that’s dangerous but not evil. Now that the white clad folks from the trailer are part of the Harfoot narrative I’m really curious.

I’d agree with most of the criticisms about character motivations, like the Numenorean u turn, Isildur keeping quiet that the son of the queens chief advisor just BLEW UP A BOAT, everybody knowing about Mithril and still fixating on making Elrond say it, probably loads more but hey I’m enjoying it, it doesn’t bother me.

Favourite bit of eye candy in ep 5 was Durin and Elrond sitting next to each other for a natter in Lindon, those colours popped.

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also when he started fighting him on the boat for the lantern…just too stupid

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Yes!!! The fabrics on the cloaks :heart_eyes:


Durin’s cloak was an absolute statement! Loved it


Also found this quite strange. “Do they have mithril?” “Can’t say, I swore an oath” “So… that’s a yes then?”


Harfoot stuff good, imho


Yeah, its probs my favourite storyline (but would be too much whimsy without the other stuff)

horse crane

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finding it really difficult to wait for the next ep each week. sort of wish I’d waited until the season finished and just binged the lot of it.

still loving it, think its been exceptionally produced and its obvious they’ve hired a sweaty room of Tolkien nerds to help make it too. far too biased to really give an objective appraisal of course - coming from someone who thought the Hobbit trilogy was more or less fine.

Love Durin, love Galadriel, love it all mate.


I just got to the bit where the hobbit harfoot sings the song. Jesus.


I thoroughly enjoyed that sequence! I’m such a sap for this show.




ah, each to their own innit? I’ve been on the fence about the show so far, but this episode (#5) is pretty ropy stuff imo. I’ll still be around till the end I expect.


I’m glad the harfoots are on the move. Enjoyed that little montage. Actually, I’m happy everyone seems to be on the move now. I usually remember on Friday afternoon that I get to watch it when I get home. Something nice to look forward to isn’t it


struggle a bit with how much Elrond looks like a CGI’d young Sean Bean (imho)