Lorde - 2021 and NEW ALBUM

Just got through my first couple of listens. As with Pure Heroine I think she’s definitely at her best on the more electronic or upbeat ones, don’t think slow quiet piano numbers play to her strengths. Album is pretty great though and Green Light and Perfect Places are ideal bookends - GL is probably my song of the year so far too. Bit of a lack of #bangers though

I can’t get enough of Green Light either. Guess it was wishful thinking to hope the entire album was like that, but I’ll give it a go nonetheless.

It’s a little let-down to have the obviously best song be the opener, but the rest of the album does hold up really well on its own.

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I really didn’t like Green Light, sounded way too much like a Lady Gaga track… maybe I need to give it anther go, have loved everything Lorde’s done up until now.

Listening now and it’s bloody great. Yeah, loving this. Green Light the obvious stand out, but the rest holds up. Hard Feelings is tops.

Like a specific Lady Gaga track, or like a song that could have been by her?

just in the style of

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Green Light is one of my favourite songs of the year. Perhaps the best opening lines I’ve heard for years.

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Yeah it’s one of those classic lines that scans as a good pop lyric (simple, rhyming, relatable) but also could open a short story by Carver or something - very evocative.

Not sure about the Carver comparison mate.

Haha a stretch for sure, i’d just read him recently so he’s on my mind and was trying to think of someone who can set a vivid scene with very few words

just gave Green Light another listen and i’m definitely not into it

if it’s the best song on the album i’ll probably give it a miss

‘I do my makeup in somebody else’s car
We order different drinks at the same bars
I know about what you did and I wanna scream the truth’

Christ really?

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I’d say try Sober and Perfect Places as well, if you don’t like any of those 3 then yeah wouldn’t be to your tastes I think

Yep, you’re right in there with her from the start of the song. I’ve heard much worse written / sung by people twice her age. Each to their own, it’s not ‘Son I’m thirty …’


Another vote for not really liking Green Light. Don’t mind Liability, but wouldn’t want more than one like it on the album.

Listening to Perfect Places for the first time, and this is much better. Hoping the rest of the album is more like that.

The brass on Sober is excellent. It’s made it hard to get much further through the album to be honest.

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I think Supercut is the obvious banger on this one

That and Perfect Places

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Listened to it for the first time today. Not too bad, on a first listen. Likely to improve on repeated exposure.