Lorde - 2021 and NEW ALBUM

just absolutely lost it around the 1 minute mark

apparently it’s meant to be a satire?! can’t imagine many people will take it that way

Something about ones attempt of satire/parody just being the thing you’re apparently satireing/parodying

The singles for this album have been pretty bad. And this is disappointing but this new one is woeful

Our Lorde hath forsaken us :pensive:

These singles have completely killed any enthusiasm I had for this album, and are retrospectively making her other stuff seem worse.

Guess I should wait for the album but jeez…

Interesting take. I agree with you on the singles, really bizarre choice of direction, but what is it about them that’s making the previous stuff seem worse?

Someone on Twitter last night said it was “fun to be above it all with Lorde” but that the new material suggests she now genuinely considers herself above it all and even if it’s ironic/satirical, it feels obnoxious. That was pretty spot-on I think.

The man fucking loves

  • A piano
  • That phase effect thing that’s on these new Lorde singles
  • Saying things immediately before the chorus (e.g. Hate That You Know Me, Stop Making It Hurt)

I’m puzzled by the extreme reactions. This single is fine, might not be up there with Tennis Court Tennis Court or Royals but it’s a nice radio-friendly summery hook. Video is a bit naff to be fair but I could see this being part of a good album.

Gonna not listen to anything else now. Partly because I hate going into an album knowing more than a couple of tracks and partly don’t want to get dragged down by this thread …

I still have some faith

I felt that way about the reaction to Solar Power itself, but I think when you’ve got three singles and they’re all a bit underwhelming it’s reasonable to assume the album will be a let down (although as we’ve just seen with Foxing, the singles can just be odd choices which make more sense in the context of the album). From my perspective I think it’s also that Pure Heroine and Melodrama were so unlike anything else and I couldn’t stop listening to them, these songs really suggest an album that’s going to be, at best, just fine.

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Might be just me, but when an artist I have really liked comes out with lacklustre material it makes me feel like the whole thing was a sham/a fluke. Obviously this isn’t the case - just a weird psychological thing for me where its like the blinkers have been lifted and makes me not want to revisit what I’d previously enjoyed.

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“Melodrama were so unlike anything else and I couldn’t stop listening to them, these songs really suggest an album that’s going to be, at best, just fine.”

This is the biggest downer for me I think.


I used to get this, so badly. One bad album and I’d check out on an artist completely. Totally get the instinct, although for me I’d still enjoy the old stuff i’d just stop checking out anything they put out ever again. I think streaming making it easier to check out new material has been a big part of my not feeling like this so much these days (a recent example would be Taylor Swift - a terrible album followed by a mediocre one would, in the old days, have meant I’d never have listened to Folklore).

Was just about to bring up that Foxing record - had to turn one of them off midway through on first listen and the rest seemed very ordinary, but I’m enjoying those tracks so much more as part of the album, which will definitely be right up there for me at the end of the year. I’m going to hold off on dismissing Solar Power until I’ve given it a fair chance as a whole.

…that’s not to say I’m massively optimistic.


I think the glaring thing for me is that when she came out at 16 or whatever, she had such a cool, mature affect and now that time has caught up with her at 24, it feels like she’s regressed or stagnated at best. Also feels like a letdown because of how she’s spent a couple years now talking about how she’s taking her time to write the best record possible and it’s all going to blow minds, be artistically next level etc.


sort of the child actor issue, where loads of kids who are amazing for a 12 year old just don’t translate to being good 20 year old actors, or at least lots of other people catch up with and overtake them

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Having another listen now and I actually think Mood Ring is fine; the production is lovely and has some really nice stereo flourishes (I’m a sucker for a hard-pan) but as has been noted elsewhere The Antonoff Sound is in full effect (not a problem for me but definitely detracts from the sense of originality) and it sounds like something you’d have heard on Capital FM in the mid-90s.

Is part of the negative reaction to these songs that she is on a 4 year album cycle whereas her contemporaries like Lana basically release an album a year? An underwhelming album doesn’t matter as much if you know there will be another along in a few months anyway.

Don’t quite get the negativity myself - middle single was absolutely nothingy but in a way that seems popular, think the other2 singles are enjoyable. But I’m not the target audience or invested in her on any emotional level so probably just me being out of touch tbh.

All of it has so far and I’m sure there will be a market for that. But christ I was hoping for more

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Thought mid 90s was cheesy euro pop like Steps or sort of pop rave stuff? Maybe All Saints type stuff? Sounds very of it’s time to me.