Lorde - 2021 and NEW ALBUM

I don’t hate the song but I think we all need to acknowledge that yes, it sounds like Loaded but specifically, it sounds like Loaded as covered by The Lighthouse Family



Sounds like Loaded, Movin on up and Come Together combined with a bit of Faith by George Michael imo.

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I thought this single was alright! I haven’t watched the video yet

hardly one of her best but still really enjoyable - just lovely to have her voice back and that wall of vocals that she does better than anyone else currently (though the new Wolf Alice album has nicked the sound to great effect!)

Green Light is the best track of the last 5 years anyway, so no shame in being less good than that


Yep - in fairness it even stuck out on a grade A album like Melodrama.

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I’d just like the album release date at this point!


“I’m kinda like a prettier jesus” is just a great line anyway


When Green Light dropped I wasn’t that into it but ended up absolutely loving it (particularly after seeing her perform it, which was about as joyous a live music moment as you can get), but I don’t see it happening with this one. It’s not bad exactly but it just lacks the colour and attitude of her best stuff.


Choose your fighter:


tour here as well, fucking Victoria Warehouse

They’re small venues for Lorde.

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That was my thought tbh after my anger about Victoria Warehouse went a bit. Probably arenas next winter 2022/23 then.

Will try for Leeds academy. Hopefully it’s on o2 priority

20th August for the album which is good - I was worried it’d be October or something!

Edinburgh yeaaaa

Edinburgh, Leeds, Manchester and Birmingham on o2 priority tomorrow at 10am

cool concept, not sure if it’ll help anything though given how bad streaming is for the environment …

Pretty sure I remember reading a piece about how she was playing to half empty arenas on her last tour, probably why they’ve downsized this time…

In the US even with Run The Jewels supporting. Sometimes Americans don’t deserve the tours they get, Warpaint and debut album era the xx being one that particularly annoyed me over a decade ago

It’s a download code though, so not streaming (not that I expect downloads to make a major comeback against streams).