Lorde - 2021 and NEW ALBUM

I’ve got two dates available for London. Either will be fine, although I notice that the 2nd June just happens to be an extra bank holiday, so might try for then and make a day of it with the kids.

Got my Usher Hall tickets :slight_smile:

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1 minute past 10. Missed the pre-sale tickets. This is going to sell VERY quickly. Got to be on it for standard sale tomorrow.

Might be worth refreshing for another few minutes in case anyone has any held in a basket that they’re not going through with the purchase of.

mine got snapped up in the time it took me to commit to 1 or 2 tickets wah

also Usher Hall is always pricey, but still suck my teeth a bit at every £40+ ticket I get

Yeah, I think I’m just going to have to take my chance on tomorrow. Got to actually do some work now.

read back some of the earlier comments in the thread and very amused by how wrong some people were about Melodrama


Wow, you guys really weren’t exaggerating with how bad this new one is.

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A bunch of my pals shat the bed re getting UK tickets and so we all got tickets to see her in Verona lol :grinning:


Isn’t the main sale still happening tomorrow? But I like that energy

Yeah I think so, we definitely could have got UK tickets but everyone already had Verona booked and who am I to argue when someone says let’s go see Lorde in a castle in Verona I have listened to maybe 5 songs by Lorde more than once

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If you haven’t been before Verona is a really nice place for a short visit.


June 2022 baybe :grinning:

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How much were the tickets for anyone who got the UK ones on presale? She’s playing such a small venue in Leeds relatively that I’m gonna try tomorrow, unless it’s mega pricey

About £41 (£37.50 + fees) for Edinburgh

About what I expected, that’s not too bad. Cheers.

fucking shambles

Well, that was utterly unsuccessful. Gigsandtours never actually seemed to have any tickets on sale (I’ve never trusted that site anyway.) and Ticketmaster teased me with a queue only for nothing to be available.

oh got them phew, the venue website just crashed about 7 times so wasn’t sure

Same here

Part of me thinks that gigs&tours just want to harvest e-mail addresses using the ‘waiting list’