Lorde - 2021 and NEW ALBUM

I was genuinely joking about the shady label side of it - obviously it’s much more natural and likely that these artists just happen to be going in that direction. That said, I do get a real whack of saminess from artists he’s involved with (and those trying to emulate them).

i think she’s following the exact same career trajectory as weezer.

Well I look forward to Deftones playing lots of Lorde covers on their next tour, then.

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Setting a reminder to rewatch the iconique early 00s Josie and the Pussycat.


watched for the first time a few months back, absolutely loved it. Can’t believe how bad the reviews it got originally were, how did everyone miss the point so badly?



like the new track a good amount. Her voice is still pretty unique so even if I can hear the LDR-phrasing it doesn’t bother me

seems weird as the 2nd released song though, is a pretty lovely interlude on an album rather than single material

actually like it loads tbh

Lorde stan in action

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The guy who produced/co-wrote both Norman Fucking Rockwell and Solar Power.

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And a lot of other stuff:

As producer

and Folklore

Lets not forget he did melodrama too


While we’re talking about Jack Antonoff, I wouldn’t be surprised if he produced Springsteen at some point soon. They sang together on a Bleachers track, and Springsteen has spoken about liking LDR and Lorde albums.


really like the latest track

ah, but then it would be clever for springsteen to be riding the jack antonoff wave.


Did he not work on the two great Carly Rae Jepsen albums too? Or am I misremembering?

Edit: He worked on Dedicated, but not Emotion

Looks like he worked on one track on The Kiss, one on Dedicated and two on Dedicated Side B.

Think it was Want You In My Room, right? At least that’s what Carly said in the Q&A when I saw her live. In which case he contributed to one of the best pop songs of that decade, so no small fries! (Albeit much smaller than my initial statement)


I don’t even think I know Anton so I’ll pass


2nd single is pretty but dull, I want bangers.

I haven’t heard the first single because I prefer to wait for the album.

I don’t trust Jack Antonoff