Lorde - Melodrama


I have two daughters who find her inspiring so I can very much vouch for this


Yes this! Aoty. It is the album I’ve listened too the most . So many bangers. And the middle part of the album is a sonic joy.


FYI, I think it comes out on vinyl tomorrow.


Enjoying this more and more. Green Light and Perfect Places were the ones that struck me first, but the whole thing’s revealing itself really nicely. The Louvre is a big standout for me, the breathless verses and the vocal hook on “a ru-uu-uu-ush at the beginning” are wonderful. Also, Liability (Reprise) is just bloody lovely.

The production’s just as good as it was on the first album for me. Some really great little touches, like the weird creaking noises on Hard Feelings.


Have you heard her on Marc Maron’s podcast? Hard to believe she’s in her early 20’s.
I realise it’s co-written, but her lyrics are brilliant.


This album is such a great Monday morning mood boost! So many bangers :fire: