Lorde - Melodrama

Bit boring, that.

This is that old Coke advert that Don came up with at the end of Mad Men innit?


ffs Lorde, already had St Vincent drop the spikiness of previous albums for soft-focus tedium, don’t need you getting dull now as well :frowning:

Is this Jack Antonoff and all?

Total wank :frowning:

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Yeah I think so

Has anyone dubbed “White Woman’s Instagram” over the video yet?


I like it :smiley:


I’m fine with it, but gosh yeah with the music video it is so much like that 60s coke advert/the end of Mad Men


It’s nice enough, but there is an overwhelming sense of “Is that it?” about it, isn’t there? “Green Light” was such a statement prior to Melodrama, but this is just “fine”.

Not going to dump on it too hard, because it needs more listens and has the potential to ingrain itself. But yeah, a little disappointed.

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Came here to say the new track sounds like Primal Scream but seems like everyone else thought the same.

Not the strongest lead single imo but I’m sure the album will still be great

Royals, Green Light, Solar Power: one is not like the others


i could never get on with Melodrama after loving the first EP/album and this new one is awful. think i’m done with Lorde :slightly_frowning_face:




The whitest beach party since the UKIP Party Conference in Margate

filmed on little palm beach I think, Dad used to have a house 10 mins walk away. so nice…
Crap song but.

It’s fine. There’s a clear writing credit to Primal Scream, bit it’s good to hear her singing a new song. I hope it works better on the album, and that the production on that overall, maintains the high standards of her other albums.

I find something weirdly embarrassing about that video. Love Lorde, and Melodrama was a real favourite, but there’s something a little forced about both the song and the visual.

It’s sad if she’s looking over her shoulder and seeing the next generation coming up, because she’s so so much more interesting than them imo.