Lorry drivers

Got anything to say about lorry drivers? I just read this and found it strangely moving (no pun intended!)

Every now and then I have a little consider of becoming one, seems like quite a good job for a misanthropic loner like me


dad used to be a lorry driver. fucking loved it.

I really fancy kipping in the cab.

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I imagine you’d get a lot of wanking time. Like, a LOT of wanking time.

Well it’s something to pass the time, I’m sure.


Aye right.

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I think lorry driver is the most commonly held profession that I’ve never met anyone who does (that I know of). So there you go

I think that you should get a vehicle that is one bigger than the last vehicle you drove as a job every 3 years of your employment.

So as follows:

Newly qualified driver: Bike
3 years of driving experience: Minicab
6 years of driving experience: Bigger cab
9 years of driving experience: Van
12 years of driving experience: Tank
15 years of driving experience: Lorry
18 years of driving experience: Aeroplane
21 years of driving experience: Spaceship

cos they’re out driving a fucking lorry mate! Unless you’re hanging around service stations and dogging spots.


Lorry Taylor does Thinking Allowed on radio 4

They will all be automated within 20 years

As long as you don’t mind working ridiculous hours then yes, it is.

I was going to do it a couple of years back, got my Class 2 (rigid lorry) licence but before I got round to doing the one to drive artics I got a job in a transport office instead, so just have to deal with 100 of the miserable bastards on a daily basis instead. Might still do it at some point in the future.

No idea how so many of them manage to do a 15 hour day, have 9 hours off and repeat 4 or 5 times a week though.

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Not sure we can trust smee with a tank

They seem to kill a lot of people don’t they.

I don’t think I’ve ever met one ‘in the wild’ now you mention it…

Unless it’s a Tommy Tank that is!

The space shuttle was smaller than many planes, so maybe spaceship first, then planes

Thanks for the input. With collaboration like this I’m confident we can get this process nailed.

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Good article that. I thought that it was a bit surprising that they didn’t mention automation and the impending obsolescence of the occupation though.