Why do Lorries have an outty wheel at the front and an inny at the back? If it’s to do with aerodynamics then you can fuck right off and don’t bother replying.




most Le toes, most




Stability and manouverability

Imagine if it was the other way round they’d constantly be tipping over. Like a big 3 wheeler


I’d guess the cabin is heavier than the arse-end, so the two axles are probs equal distance from the centre of gravity (you cunt)


Good turning circle vs Load bearing


The TV and I play yellow car but with Norbert Dentressangle lorries rather than yellow cars


I’m the fucking king of yellow car.


cabin heavier than the bit that is loaded?



Wrestling is shit these days.


Yes stickboy, he’s a foul mouthed buffoon!


unless it’s carrying a Lorry engine in there, yes


the more i’m thinking about this more i’m laughing


I wouldn’t call that a lorry. Probably call it a truck? I only call artics ‘lorries’

But yes, it’s a good question.


This is your Farage/Chinese takeaway moment.




I admit the cab is heavier than the back when empty

But i am not sure that is its purpose


you are so wrong


it’s alright lads, Marckee’s frantically googling as we speak