Los Campesinos - London gig


Moth Club in December, ahead of a new album next year:





yes plz


Looking forward to a new album! Their all day event at the Brudenell looks great as well, don’t think I’ll be able to make it though.


Don’t think I’ve seen them live since around 2008 maybe. Are they still good live with the new line up?


if you still like their stuff then yes, they are brilliant


I’d say that on the whole, they’ve gotten much better as time has gone on. Both live and in the studio.


Free Ollie


did this sell out in a few minutes?


I saw them live in May (after having last seen them live in 2008). Very good live band I’d say.


Did it?

Never been to Moth Club but it looks like it’s basically a pub? Anyway I got a ticket obv.


Seems so. Not sure what happened on my end, but when I clicked on the book tickets on DICE it immediately said sold out. All other websites said the same as well.

If anyone has a spare please please please let me know!


It’s a good venue. Been there many times. It’s bigger than The Lexington, smaller than The Garage. Yeah, do a Five Points ale at the bar which is always good.


Didn’t know they were still a band.


oh well, it turns out i was bought a ticket.


Yeah it’s a pub with a little stage, decent floorspace and sound mind.


Actually, it’s probably the size of Oslo nearby. But it’s very very gold inside. I like it. It was only when I was queueing for King Gizzard recently that I read the plaque outside. I knew it was an ex-servicemen’s venue but didnt realise that Moth is an acronym for Memorable Order Of Tin Hats.


Yeah I quite like that as a venue it’s bridging the gap between smaller bands putting on their own stuff as well as more established stuff like this. Weird how lady gaga did a secret gig there the other week.