Los Campesinos! Rolling Thread


New material? Hello Sadness anniversary? (Will be 10 in November).

Hello Sadness rerelease + Heat Rash singles is my guess. 7th of May is quite far off tho, leaving us on hooks for a while there

It’s only 2 weeks…?

Loved the last album. Would be very happy to have more of that.

Hello Sadness is the worst LC! album because Life is A Long Time being a bad song, followed by Hate for the Island which is also not very good.

I hereby declare my defence of Life is a Long Time. Good song, good imagery.


Life Is A Long Time is a good song, Hate For The Island is inessential but it doesn’t stick around for that long so it feels like a nice liminal phase between the big banging parts of the album.


I wish to counteract your defence of LiaLT with “it’s just too plonky”

One of their best, imho

Mind bending to remember that they cranked out their first four albums (WABWAD is an album, stay mad) in the space of 4 years and every single one of them goes extremely hard and there’s not a bad song on any of them. Didn’t really register at the time because I was a teenager and a year felt like a really long time.


Didn’t click with hello sadness on release but slowly the songs got lodged in my head and its one of my favourites. Was going through a proper sad period myself at the time so missed out on some good moping but soon caught up. Two of my ATDs met at the electric ballroom show of that tour and are now married. What a band.


Was a little worried they wouldn’t give Hello Sadness a proper celebration after Gareth ranked it as their worst album (wrong). For me they just got better and better with each release, think there are higher highs on prior records but HS felt like the first one of theirs without any fat to cut (though these days I’d probably skip Three Lions). No Blues continued that trend, still their best imo, and sits comfortably in my top 3 albums ever.

Hadn’t even considered they’d be revisiting Heat Rash, don’t get my hopes up @Konichiwa_Bitches - would be great to have them on streaming, even nicer if they repress them on a single LP.


I’m very excited.

The best band.

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Stupid question.

I like that album with the Avocado song. When I listened to earlier stuff, the singing sounded totally different; did they change singer?


The singer is the same but his vocal style changed a lot

I find the earlier albums (first 3) a bit difficult to listen to nowadays tbh


Think that’s fair, remember listening to No Blues for the first time thinking how different he sounded, but listening to them throughout you realise it’s a more gradual change on the whole.

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Two of their songs off the debut album appear briefly in new animated film The Mitchells vs The Machines

Last album was superb. Hoping for more of that.

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My little brother got into the band with No Blues because he is v young. I remember being really amused when he asked me what happened to the original singer and I was like “oh she left to pursue a non-musician career” and he was like “no, the guy”. It never occured to me because I’ve p much been into them the entire time, but a lot of people get thrown by it. My partner has got into them only in the past couple of years and she remarked that she’d thought it must be a crazy long gap between Hello Sadness and No Blues because the whole sound is completely different and his voice changes so much.

I’m just really pleased they’re still around and still making music and playing shows that are as good as they’ve ever been. Listening to the early years they sound so much like records from a band that would break up really quickly. It’s so cool that they’ve evolved and continued making stuff that’s different enough to be fresh but unmistakably an evolved form of the same band.

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