Los Campesinos! Rolling Thread

Martha supporting london

Fortitude vlley leeds


This is a very welcome piece of information.

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Literally discovered this on the bus to work today. It’s pretty incredible really, a proper snapshot of the original band. Really good recording as well. Looks like it’s a live show recorded by a French radio station. Those were the days.

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Hm. I’m starting to see No Blues climbing the ladder. Sounding much less like Hello Sadness and much more like Sick Scenes than it did over the first 15-20 listens.

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No Blues was 10 years old yesterday


Not gonna moan in the listening club thread obviously but they’ve announced another US tour

“Sorry we couldn’t do more”

Lads you’ve not toured the UK in SIX YEARS come on


What’s this about then?


someone in the replies said it’s some kid causing beef coz of some other kids getting into los camp through some kid who’s big on the internet (maybe a youtuber? idk) who wears a DOOMED jumper sometimes. KIDS EH

Wilbur Soot, he’s also in that band Lovejoy that covered Knee Deep at ATP.



I am too old to understand any of this (29).


Ohh I thought Lovejoy and Wilbur Soot were two different things

In a very selfish act - a friend has decided to get married so I’m unable to go to the Brudnell show now

I have two tickets going spare if anyone is interested, thought I’d post on here before trying on twickets.

@Aggpass did you still have any spares for the London show by any chance?

Yep got 2 tix. Yours if you want them

Sorry sorry sorry

Had completely forgotten I sold them to a friend of a friend

Ah OK no problem*

*This is a huge problem