Los Campesinos! Rolling Thread

These guys :black_heart:


Tickets Thursday
In for Leeds


Will try for Leeds as well.

Will be trying for Leeds too

Another one for Leeds. It’s going to be full of DiSers at this rate.

A bunch of Dissers at an LC! gig? It’ll never work.


Wasn’t expecting one of these to be Cardiff. EXCITE

Ffs got WH Lung in Glasgow on the 16th, makes any of those a bit tricky

Would anyone be able to snag me one for Leeds? I will pay you back that afternoon, just going to be at work.

I’m getting a “Tickets Not Available” message on See Tickets (looking for London). Surely not sold out already?

Well, it seems like they’ve all gone. I’m chuffed for them, but I’m gutted for myself!

Some more just popped up

@sarahispi I’ve got one for you if you need

urgh i missed out due to a meeting

I was on at 10.02 and they were gone.

Been refreshing ever since, just had tickets pop up, selected one and was told it could not be allocated.


I think tickets are held in baskets for 10 mins… So maybe trying at 20 past for any unbought ones?

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Feel like a dead old person for getting misty eyed about when you could go and buy tickets in shops, but it was literally happening only about 8 years ago

I did it! Kept refreshing on See Tickets and finally an option popped up.


London/Leeds sold out in TWO MINUTES. Crazy. Luckily I live in Bath so I can hopefully get to the Cardiff one easily.

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Don’t suppose anyone managed to get a spare for Leeds did they?

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I’ll be at the London show :partying_face:

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