Los Campesinos! Rolling Thread

My brother text me at 10.15 asking if I was free for the Leeds show, and that he owed me a birthday present.

Was the first I’d heard of the tour, so checked date and immediately said yes.

Then saw the tweet saying they’d sold out in 2 minutes. :slightly_frowning_face:

Turns out he’d assumed it would be a yes and bagged them at 10 anyway :slightly_smiling_face:

Just hoping the UK/Leeds isn’t too Covid-y in December. :mask:


Do you still have it?

Yeah still got it

Cool, I’ll send you a dm

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if anyone had a leeds ticket can you let me know. my year 9s were in hysterics watching me get frustrated and eventually failing with seetickets at 10am.


Love that you were trying to get tickets during class, that’s a great image :smiley:

(Sorry you didn’t get them)

This says so much about LC!s demographics :sweat_smile:


THIS says so much about LC!'s demographics

He’s such a nice man


He worked at the Uni I used to go to, I saw him on the bus a few times!

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Cardiff booked :sunglasses:

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This isn’t massively relevant but I do quote from ‘Miserbellia’ at the start so…


Someone tell me I don’t need this


I’m a sucker and bought it straight away - My wardrobe was getting close to 50% non Los Camp merch so needed a top up

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Good lord its a pretty thing


Looks like a February outing to Drift for me then! Good cafe just down the road too.

I already got one of the original run signed by Gareth, but I’ve just bought the fancypants version as well :confounded:

Out of order by me tbqh

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Feels a bit dodge to do this considering who knows what the next few weeks hold, but I’m not going to use my ticket for the London show on Dec 14th, happy to sell it face value if anyone wants to give it a whirl (it has my name on but I think they just scan the barcode, right?) - otherwise I guess I’ll try get in touch with the band / venue and see if I can give it back