Los Campesinos! Rolling Thread

Ooh I would’ve been there!

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Similar time to the only time I’ve seen them

Los Campesinos! Setlist Moles, Bath, England 2008

found this setlist from 2013 when I was at the folks’ the other day


Sad to see nobody recorded the Falmouth 2009 gig or whatever it was

The pre-LC gig they did at what was The Social on Miskin Street (now Misfits) as the Vimto Smiles was supporting a band i was in at the time. We then supported them at Clwb Ifor Bach soon after (which i think is missing from setlist.fm), and then saw the subsequent Cardiff shows. Never seen them since, somehow.

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This was the first time I saw them. Thought it was Barfly but this seems to be the only Birmingham date. Jo Fo and Sky Larkin supported. Very happy times.

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35 songs! Christ!

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Had a ticket for the 2020 London gig and i anxietyed myself out of going :expressionless: still annoyed over that!

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It was a great gig BUT I did catch a mystery illness that looking back I’m 90% certain was Covid so I wouldn’t feel too bad

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I was at that I think, hi

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Yeah. I think it was no support and two sets with a gap in the middle, but still.

Love that one of them was a live debut (from a record that was 8 years old at the time).

:heart_eyes: dream team


Only a shame that one of the support would upstage the headliner

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all three were very evenly matched imo, the first two sky larkin records are vastly underrated


I was at this!

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My favourite. Took everything they were trying to do with No Blues, added some fun, and nailed it.

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Got into them at exactly the right age, first year in college, moved out of home and away from a lot of my dickhead teenage friend group.

Went back and listened to WABWAD, RIB and Hello Sadness the other night and the first two I’ve mentioned stand up so, so well. Hello Sadness has a slump in the middle but has some amazing songs.

I own No Blues and Sick Scenes but they never clicked with me. I should really go back to them.

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