Los Campesinos! Romance Is Boring 10th anniversary shows + re-release

Bought Saturday tickets, tempted to get a Friday one as well.

Got Saturday tickets as felt like bailing on 'er indoors on valentine’s day to go to a ‘Romance is Boring’ in full LC! show might have given off some pretty negative signals.


WOAH! How are you getting them? It says sale it tomorrow

If you preorder the record you get a ticket link. I’ll DM you

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I just checked my preorder email, don’t know how I missed that detail but I have tickets :grin: thanks!

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Going to resign myself to never being able to see them at this point I think. Will pick up the record though.

Come down! It’s my plan

Decided to get a Saturday ticket because that’s when my housemate wants to go.

Standing’s sold out for both days, ffs.

I got mine through Dice just now

Got mine though Dice too, never used it before though. Good luck!

Going on Saturday. This album means to much to me, can’t wait.

Fuck e-tickets so much though. I paid £20, where’s my piece of card as memorabilia!

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Cheers, internet pal, just got them!


Might see you down there then! Got 2 so I can go with a London pal but if they’re not keen I’ll be trying to wrangle up a dis crew!

Fucccckkkkk I just got balcony tickets on See, had no idea I could’ve got standing on Dice.

Why didn’t I check here first ffs

I have a spare standing ticket for the Saturday is anybody knows someone who wants to buy it

We made a lovely special magazine incase anyone’s interested…

See you in the pit :cowboy_hat_face:


So excited for this. All time faves and the album that got me into them.

Roll-call for upcoming London gigs

  • Friday
  • Saturday

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