Losing your virginity


How was it for you ?

Mine was awkward as hell. One of my parents was in the house so focused on bein quiet. Neednt have bothered, it was over in about two mins

Any good tales?


Fine. Just about pissed enough to not feel awkward and clumsy, not too pissed to feel any regret about it in the morning. Was a pretty casual fling which was probably good in terms of not building it up and feeling pressure or whatever. 7/10, would do again




Somewhat quicker than I would have preferred - probably sub 30 seconds.

Setting: top bunk of bunk beds (no one in the bottom one fortunately)
Soundtrack: Broken EP by Nine Inch Nails. Pretty sexy…


We were both far too young, neither of us really knew what we were doing but it was alright I guess.


horrible. church yard on a dark christmas eve. not sure what happened, to be totally honest.


I’m going to edit my own horrible post here.

Er bye.


I saw it man. with me for life!


In a corner, in the spotlight.


Start as you mean to go on, innit


Dunno, can you ask again tomorrow?


jk, I’ve done it at least once and a half times


Two pumps and a squirt and it was done.

It remains, to this day, my most impressive sexual performance.