Lost a debit card without realising a few weeks ago

thats not what happened when i requested a new card through the natwest app coz mine stopped working, i got a new card with a new number. just request a new card

FYI I had already cancelled the card when I posted this thread, I just wanted to know who the renegades of DiS were, I certainly wish I was one of them. @laelfy @keith


don’t question my knowledge of my own bank’s policy on duplicate cards ever again

my new natwest card doesnt have embossed numbers. looks fucking shit tbhtbf

i’ll do what i want

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looks like we’re at a stalemate here




I’m just lazy to be honest :woman_shrugging:

Nah, thats the future of cards. Should make them the size of the cards you can attach to key rings too.

Pretty sure I’ll be head hunted to a big bank card department soon.

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i’ll be honest with you mate, it feels like the past of cards

just memorise your number fool

  • I know my main debit/credit card numbers off by heart
  • Of course I fucking don’t

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know my corporate work card as well

It has probably pushed something vital out of your brain. I bet you’ve forgotten the name of one of your relatives now because of this

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did once greet a cousin by saying “oh … I mean … look who it is!” so fair shout

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More likely.


I once worked in a call centre taking bookings for driver theory tests and some companies used to phone up to make block bookings for staff all the time. I spoke to a couple of them so often that I knew their card details off by heart and would fill them in as they were talking but before they’d said them out loud.

fucking hell I’m glad that time exists


imagine being able to remember stuff


Was that in Newcastle? I used to work there.