Lost / Found

lost or found anything recently?

i can’t find my gloves

Lost my favourite scarf. I loved it so much. Never had one so soft and warm but as light. Man, I really do miss it and I don’t know where it was from either.

RIP scarf.

FOUND: a gift voucher I didn’t know I had which means I’ve just bought my mum’s Xmas present and my best friends.

it’s always the nice ones that get lost. would never lose the shitey gloves i don’t care about, of course i lose the ones i like

I’ve lost my head several times in the last fortnight.


I’ve lost my job and haven’t found a new one yet. :frowning:

Not my fault. They call it ‘restructuring’. Which basically means getting people in another country to do my job less well but for less money.

Left my nice gloves on the bus to work last Thursday. Only reason I didn’t cycle in was because we had the stupid Christmas dinner straight after work. Bah!

Lost a woolly hat that my mother-in-law knitted for me. I’d just done a 14-hour day in a client’s office and got a taxi back to the place I was staying, then broke down and cried when I noticed I’d lost it (was also exhausted from working long days and speaking shit French and it was 10pm and I hadn’t eaten since lunch).

A bit sad now I’ve thought about that, haven’t had the heart to tell her I’ve lost it

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couple of socks - leaving sock orphans

I run a pretty tight laundry ship so I’m baffled where they could have got to

Also remembered the excellent jeans and shirt I left on holiday in wales 2x summers ago this morning

still miss those guys - and a massive fuck you to the thieving staff of Plas Talgarth, hope they fitted you terribly

found them. they were in the pockets of a jacket i had put away because it wasn’t warm enough


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