Lost in Translation (the film)



Any good after 14 years?

  • Yes
  • No (and a bit racist)
  • It was never any good, I’ve waited years for this poll to tell people this
  • Inaudible whisper

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I love films like that, where the dialogue’s sparse and the central character’s a bit of a misanthrope. Pretty much all my favourite films have those things in common.

It’s very good, but for me Cherry Blossoms is superior.


Also, 14 years!?!?!?!? Deary me.


What other films do you have mind?


It’s brilliant. Bill Murray was robbed at the Oscars (and in response he stopped making an effort in any films thereafter)


Factoid: currently 3 of the options have 1 vote each, yet 2 have 8% and the other only 7% of the vote.


Think most of these fit either or both of those criteria:

Noi Albinoi
Las Acacias
Taxi Driver
The Wrestler
The Beat That My Heart Skipped
Under The Skin (Samantha Morton)
Red Road
Under The Skin (Scarlet Johansson)
Wendy and Lucy
The Machinist


Its absolutely rubbish and one of those films people prrtend to like but i refuse to believe anyones ever watched and enjoyed it


Someone needs a hug.


You are very very opinionated about films, mate.


It’s boring as fuck but then I’m not even on Facebook


Its true tbf


Absolutely love Wendy and Lucy. Hugely underrated film.


Well at least you’re aware, not having a go.

What are your top ten movies so that I can calibrate my expectations of your future posts?


I remember you and I talking about the intro years ago on here, for some reason it’s stuck in my mind, so I’d assumed you’d liked it when I think maybe it was just Scarlett.


…and not forgetting:
Ghost Dog
Punch Drunk Love
Winter’s Bone


I forgot to add an option:
It just looks good


A Moment of Innocence
Cemetery Junction
The Apartment
Make Way For Tomorrow
The Swimmer
That Obscure Object of Desire
Kill List
The Third Man


Might just have been Scarlett


There’s good stuff about it but it is racist af