Lost Music: Gravelly Folk Album & The Siegfried Sassoon Track

I’ve searched the whole internet, to zero avail, and now I feel that only DiS can help me find some music. One things needs identifying and acquiring, one just needs acquiring.

  1. Circa 2004-6, I was really into an album. It was really slow, sad folk, good to fall asleep & weep to. I think it was just a male singer songwriter. American, probably. He had an ultra gravelly voice. The only lyric I recall from any of the songs went, “Iiiiiii died of death, blahblahsuffinsuffinblahblahyeah, that’s the way I died of death”. Anyone got any idea?

  2. I need to acquire Shirts vs Skins by The Siegfried Sassoon. I’m sure one of you has it, right? It was inCREDible and somehow fell out of my collection. Idiot.

I lustily await your amazing assistance.

I’m absolutely certain @badmanreturns knows / knew / was in The Siegfried Sassoon


Ha, well, I wasn’t in them but I can certainly contact them. I have all the old mp3s on my old macbook iirc - I’ll fire it up tonight and take a look. I get Hell Is Other Robots stuck in my head all the time, wish their stuff was on streaming sites.


Oh Shirts vs Skins is here in the meantime

Can’t seen if you can download from my phone…

oh you can download it! there we go then


think this is your lost folk

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YES! That’s it! I think I love you. I’m actually in hospital at the moment, and this is exactly what I need to drown out the freakish ambient noises of the ward. Great work.

whole Siegfried Sassoon EP is here by the way - getting me through the morning nicely, thanks for the reminder!

Great work, thanks! Can’t seem to get the Soundcloud page to load though, can you?

it’s working for me on my laptop, here’s the direct link to download shirts vs skins if it helps


odd. Neither’s working. Maybe it’s the dodgy hospital wi-fi.

This might work?

Wow, you’ve all John Harvey-Jones’d the fuck outta this for me, in record time. Thank you so much team.


I’m an amateur at this…will people even see if I add to my old post now? One way to find out…

I have another song I need your amazing help in finding. All I have are scant lyrics, and an inkling that it’s a Scottish band.

Ok, there’s a fucking brilliant bit that goes “relationships and frieeeeeendships”, then it repeats the chorus (?) “all we have are moments”, two or three times.

Yeah, that’s about all I’ve got. Any ideas?