Lost the DiS logo to return to the home screen

it works within threads, but not at the top of any of the individual forums.


Yeah, ^this.

For some reason it doesn’t work as well in threads as it used to though.

You guys have been losing the logo for a while in threads?

Never happened to me before.

Within threads, I think it used to have the site logo and Support DiS buttons when you scrolled up (logo missing from that at the moment), then if you scrolled down, the thread title would appear with the site logo, as it does now.

That sounds like this terrible mistake of a setting

if you turn that off you don’t get the moving bar thing at the top of the thread.

I’d also have no idea what thread I was in, most of the time too.


I just hit the posts/total posts blue block bottom right. I’m more often trying to leave a thread and navigate elsewhere than know which thread I’m in :smiley:

But my point is that’s nothing to do with the issue here which is that the DiS logo is entirely absent and you just have Support DiS text top left.

I don’t mind it disappearing when I’m reading a thread, as doing a little scroll down to bring it back had already entered my muscle memory. It’s a common feature on lots of sites, so I’m used to it.

The past couple of days does seem to have introduced a larger ‘dead spot’ to the scrolling though, when I’d prefer it to be back where it was.

Basically it’s never there when you have the Support DiS button, when it did used to be there, but if you have the the option you pointed out ticked, it does appear with the thread title. So, is the problem the size or placement of the Support DiS button?

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I’d guess the thread title bit must be a different piece of HTML, something else has got ‘wider’.

(I guess it’s more that the scroll back to get the bar was to be able to click on my profile, which is more use when you’re clicking through all your notifications.)

Don’t think I can carry on using the site with it like this, doing my nut in


I’m back on my laptop tomorrow eve and can have a proper look, or maybe @wewerewerewolvesonce could take a look in tye meantime?

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if found return to The Home Screen


I guess it’s fine when you join a thread with lots of unread new posts and are scrolling down and it naturally appears. But it’s a bit more annoying if you open a thread with just one new post, and then you have to do some excessive scrolling to get it to pop back up.

It’s a slightly better layout in landscape than in portrait for me

Is this happening to everyone who has upgraded iOS or other devices too?

Still trying to figure it out

Is happening to me on ios 16

Think that’s when it started for me too.

Lots of bugs on Instagram and various other platforms with things not working properly

But I’m pretty sure Theo is an Android kinda guy so probably not that

Yeah it’s on Android.

I think the fact that some people have the ‘switch header to topic title on scroll’ setting turned on and that makes this less obvious (and that’s the default on Discourse).

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Not working on ios 15.6.1 so it’s not the ios16 update

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