Lost the DiS logo to return to the home screen

same on both accounts

I’ve got that turned off and it’s still a problem

Android / Firefox user

Yes what I mean is if you have it turned on then you have two bars, the regular one that is now missing the logo, and one that shows the logo still next to the title of the thread, depending on when you’ve scrolled or not.

So if you have the setting turned on you end up thinking it’s not gone away like @bugduv did because you can still see it on the alternative bar.

When it’s turned off then you never see the logo.

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This should fix it I think if anyone has access to the stylesheet. Was the ‘Support DiS’ link always there? I’ve had to shrink the size of the text here, I’m confused as to how it all managed to fit previously?

.d-header .title {
  max-width: none;

.d-header .title a {
  width: auto;

.d-header #site-logo {
  min-width: 36px;

.custom-header-links {
  margin-left: 0.25em;

.custom-header-links .headerLink a {
  font-size: var(--font-down-2);
  padding: 6px 3px;

Yes the Support DiS has always been there.

Also I think @whiterussian and @sean have access to the stylesheet in the admin panel somewhere?

I’ve disabled custom header link (Support DiS) and tried adding the desktop header to mobile

Disabling custom header link alone fixes it in that case

Seems fixed for me now.

There’s also a garish purple bit appeared, I like it

Ooh, it’s made the top green on my theme. Looks proper classy.

When you disable something it takes a while to rollout due to cache etc

Have added the desktop header briefly as a work around and will remove if it all works ok for everyone

Will likely be the theme you have set on your profile.

Now I get two headers on Desktop


Better now?

It’s still there but only on the landing home page.


Can I mark this as solved now?

Yes it’s working on my phone for me and I hope for everyone else.