Lost the plot and ordered a jackfruit pizza...

What the fucking hell’s going on?

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See, i do generally prefer veggie pizzas, but this feels like a low.

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You’ll have a wonderful time.

Though I can’t vouch for it on pizza…

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Nah, jackfruit is ace, pizza is ace - good decision all round I say.

What’s jackfruit like.? I imagine the texture of a fairly dry pineapple but perhaps not too strong a flavour? Am I close?

Margherita or bust!



Fuckin knew it.

Yet somehow, jackfruit on pizza is very very not ace

Alright Piers Morgan

Yeah can’t imagine the texture working.

Like it as a nugget

jackfruit is no longer fashionable, you’re fine

I’d rather (not) Jack(fruit) than Fleetwood Mac