Lot of voting threads on the DiS music forum aren’t there?

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beginning to weird me out a bit all the endless ranking, it’s not even useful
do enjoy the beeves though


Yeah it’s out of control


It’s the soup of the day!

don’t even really see them any more unless i’m actively tagged in them

Oh well only 985 albums to go

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What’s best?

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it’s a scourge

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Donald Trump once guessed that music was the most popular thing in the world during his Ali G interview; therefore anyone who votes ‘music’ is clearly a Trump fan

sorry guys looks like endless weird ranking is what the people want

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stopped going into em tbh, it’s all a bit much

no disrespect to funkhouser, the hgatr threads are generally good when they don’t go… you know


Tbf the 1001 albums is more to discuss each album I thought? There just happens to be a poll with a score too.

Also I started 3 of those today cos Mistersteve is away and I regret nothing

Also there are weekly “let’s settle this once and for all” threads on the social here about whether red or white wine is better so :man_shrugging:

  • Ranking albums
  • Ranking wine
  • Ranking rankings

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Shutting down the poll function would be pleasing.

think it’s probably because we’re all really old and boring now and don’t have anything to talk to each other about


On the old boards we did it all on spreadsheets and the skills developed caused an economic boom unparalleled in the country’s history. Everything’s went to shit since we moved here, and it’s no coincidence.