Hi all, there’s a new record by the guy who brought you 2011’s Motivation:

Hope you like it and sorry if you don’t x


Will give this a listen when I get a chance. You planning on releasing through bandcamp?


:slight_smile: hopefully if people on dis don’t think it’s shit I might have a go.


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything you’ve put up on here, so I’m really looking forward to hearing this!


Nice one! I will do a listen! :slight_smile:


this is really good, so far especially like the bit where it goes slightly american football in the first song, and the duelling distorted guitars towards the end of the third


Thanks mate! Not heard of American football so I hope they are good :wink:


Always appreciated shucksy x


Thanks and I hope it doesn’t disappoint you then!


I noticed the American Football-esque bit - quite lovely indeed. :slight_smile:


man this is great so far. Lots of interesting guitar bits creeping around the headphones


thanks for listening :slight_smile: I hope it holds up throughout


Good stuff Bam, will give his a proper listen tomorrow! :+1::+1:


thanks man, let me know your thoughts x


I’m going to listen to this Monday morning at work!


awesome! Hope you like it but let me know either way


Bam, just finished the album (been at work so been interrupted a few times) and you’ve really made something excellent here. Some great proggy workouts - Sad Trombones and I Was A Doctor are probably my two favourites - and also some really beautiful tender moments. Great textures and production throughout. I like it when you break out the odd spoken phrase. You should definitely get this on bandcamp at least, maybe send it to some labels too (people still do that right?). If this was a touring band’s album they’d get mad hype.


I will listen to this soon


Will give this a listen at some point over the weekend. Have enjoyed everything of yours I’ve heard, so am looking forward to it a lot.


I’ve never heard any of your music before so I had no idea what to expect. I like how it’s full of space, and I always like hearing people do interesting things with essentially “clean” guitars. And the chops. The chops!