digging it. nice one bambam.

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aww thank you so much! That’s really lovely of you to say, I was out being mad drunk yesterday so sorry for the delay in responding.

thanks mate! Well it’s mostly a bunch of recorded drum sets from some ableton live pack, played with my push 2 controller and then liberally quantised :slight_smile:

thanks hope it holds up for you :slight_smile:


it might only be temporary though cos I’ll probably try and sell it through bandcamp at some point so get it while it’s hot!

sounds like you enjoyed it, thanks very much for listening and taking the time to comment :slight_smile:

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thanks that’s really kind of you but your stuff is great!

I guess I will always feel like a guy playing at pretending to be a musician.

Got this on at the moment Bam. Sad Trombones is frickin class

thanks :slight_smile: wasn’t sure if it was too long but in the end I think it sort of works

I’m about to go and get a train to my sisters. So I’ll listen to this on route and report back later.

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OMG your drums are always so :ok_hand::muscle::+1:

ah thanks mate :slight_smile: that’s very reassuring as I always find them the hardest to get right in the mix.

Well I guess the hard work pays off x

thanks very much for taking the time to listen, you are a star.

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Gentle bump for the weekday peeps.

This is very good, bamsy.

Nice work.

OK, so I’m listening to this at my desk at work. I think it’s my fifth listen since Saturday.

This is really, really good. And I don’t just mean ‘good for a guy on a forum’. This is comfortably one of the best things I’ve heard so far this year - possibly longer. Like I said, I’ve enjoyed everything you’ve posted on DiS, but this feels like it’s on a different level.

The core songs are already great, but then every track has an interesting or unexpected little twist in the writing, phrasing or production that makes you sit up and pay attention.

I can hear bits of Jim O’Rourke, Talk Talk, Radiohead etc. in there, but none of it sounds derivative.

So yeah, get this on Bandcamp man. It deserves a much bigger audience, and you’ve got one guaranteed sale here already!

Also, LIFTL is fucking beautiful. Top, top work.

This is great. :+1:

Two guaranteed sales.