thank you so much :slight_smile:

Yeah I listened to talk talk for the first time about a week before I wrote the first track so I think it seeped in there somehow!

I need to work out how to do the self-employed tax return shit and that before I put it on bandcamp which is causing me some anxiety, hopefully I can work it out.

Really appreciate your kind words mate thank you!

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thanks very much <3

ok once the new tax year starts I will get my crap together and put this out there. It’s scary but I can do it!

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Yeah, stick this up on Bandcamp. As others have said, this is legit really good. Songwriting is lovely and the production is brilliant throughout.

thanks mate :slight_smile:

as a side note does anyone know of any free easy wav to mp3 converters?

Unbelievably neither Ableton Live nor Reaper will let me do this so at the moment I only have the raw .wavs

I think Adobe Audition does it.

If you haven’t got it, I’m happy to help.

thanks that’s really kind of you:)

I should probably start a separate thread for bandcamp advise and hopefully the great people of DiS will come through for me.

…it’s advice isn’t it :frowning: idiot


thanks this sounds perfect!

Website looks a bit dodgy though, just checking this is legit and not a joke comment?

It’s absolutely legit. I use it for mp3ifying my master WAVs.

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CDex for an mp3 converter and then get mp3tag to add any metadata. Both free.

Listening now Bamnan and it’s beautiful. Great work. You’re selling yourself short with the free downloads though.

thanks so much man :slight_smile:

Yeah I think I will change that back now, I only enabled them cos pinkybrain asked and I felt a bit mean saying no.

was it ok?

Yes, sorry I only got around to listening to it this morning. My plans to listen to it on the train to my parents were scuppered by Southern Rail putting on a rail replacement bus service. Instead I drove (which meant I couldn’t drink:( ) and I couldn’t get my phone to connect to my car stereo.

It’s really good, as others have said you should put it on Bandcamp, I’d certainly purchase it.
I’m going to listen to it again after lunch, and give it more attention and note down my favorite songs, as I was being interrupted a bit today.

sorry, that came across a bit like I was nagging you, my bad!

Really appreciate you taking the time and effort :slight_smile:

Hey @Bamnan I’ve had a listen at work this morning & it’s genuinely great.
Fave tracks on 1st listen:
Baptism - Love the sparse Talk Talk vibe on this, great opener.
Family Affair - Really like the vocal on this one, lovely lyrics too.
Sad Trombones - This is quite hypnotic, kind of like one of those 10+ minute Yo La Tengo songs that pass by blissfully.

Will definitely listen again & would absolutely buy it.

Also took a listen to your excellent cover of Thunder Road. Fair play,

thanks mate, that’s very kind of you and glad you enjoyed it!

These comments really do help me get through the day so I can’t thank you enough :slight_smile:

and yeah I guess “death” is kind of the theme of the album, some things are specific to my friend dying last year, others not so much but I dunno hopefully the dry sense of humour is kind of detectable too.