Louis CK


What an awful, awful man. The level of self-righteousness, sanctimony and hypocrisy you must have to do something like this.

Reminds me a lot of the Joss Whedon scandal that happened the other week, in terms of a man using ‘feminism’ as both a shield and an excuse, except he’s gone and amped it up to 11… million. Hope you all start disowning him now.

I Love You Daddy (Louis CK film)

never liked his stand up, never seen louie, where can I pick up my points d’indie


There’s never been a good American stand-up imo, but this is besides the point. Thread is reserved exclusively for CK-related invective.


Yeah, more into my Croatian standups tbh


Fuck sake


Richard Pryor…


he’s lying for comedic effect just ignore it


Won’t feel guilty for liking Louie or to a lesser extent his stand-up…but i think i’ve read enough about him to put me off his stuff in the future.


Will do, cheers :+1:



yes, another fine example of lying for comedic effect


I’m shocked, shocked. OK, not that shocked.

His TV show is still great though.


Will reserve judgement till I’ve seen it obvs.


what sort of person wouldn’t disavow someone for committing sexual assault but would disavow them for making a film about it though?


Yeah. Reading the description of the film there doesn’t really make it clear to me if it’s actually dodgy. I mean it sounds like the point is that deep down you realise this guy is mega-dodgy? I dunno.

Tig Natarro’s comments are probably more important although on the face of it they seem pretty innocuous, they had an electrifying effect on Louie CK that is pretty telling.


there’s a whole storyline in notaro’s tv show about a radio producer masturbating in front of her friend/love interest. her character absolutely rails at the guy (deservedly obv), so while her public comments were pretty innocuous that might have been the thing that the had the effect on ck.


A bit more than innocuous

@1101010 it doesn’t matter how the material potrays sexual assault. In fact I predict that it’s going to deal with the subject ‘very delicately’. That’s not the point; the point is that for him to do this film after what’s come out about him (which, given the multiple sources that it’s come from (among other things), is unquestionably not a case of women making up sexual assault allegations) is pretty vile. IMO the only vaguely respectable thing he could do with this film is use it as a way to unambiguously apologise to his victims and announce his retirement as a public figure.


i hope you can forgive me for my word choice bud (wasn’t even). none of the specific allegations in that article were from tig tho tbf. it just says she doesn’t have relationship with him and he needs to “handle it”. i presume that’s only a legal thing cause as i said she seems furiously angry with the ck stand-in on her show.

feel a bit gossipy and shit talking about it like this but she’s fucking mint for standing up and telling him to get fucked. so many of these things drift away.


Peter Bradshaw review here - https://www.theguardian.com/film/2017/sep/09/i-love-you-daddy-review-louis-ck-toronto-film-festival-tiff


Properly gone off him after his sexual assault claims. I’d usually seek out his stuff but now I just don’t want to.