Louis theroux's 'my scientology movie'

new trailer, My Scientology Movie - International Cinema Trailer | Check out the brand new international cinema trailer for My Scientology Movie! Here’s a few dates for you too… Australia – In cinemas now for a limited... | By Louis Theroux | Facebook

list of cinemas participating in the q&a simulcast w/adam buxton http://www.myscientologymovie.film/

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gonna go to the East Dulwich showing i reckon, £9 seems pretty reasonable

Got tickets for Wimbledon Odeon a couple of days ago.

there’s two sold-out screenings at the local independent here, didn’t get tickets when i could because i didn’t know how many i’d need. there is no student discount avaliable at local multiplex (still have an nus card til the end of october), and it’s…


Balls my local screening is already sold out :frowning:

that’s mad - i expected the East Dulwich showing to be really expensive because 1) it’s a Picturehouse and 2) it’s East Dulwich where toast costs like £6, but apparently not.

maybe it costs more to beam the signal to newcastle??

aye they want £14 for the cineworld in Glasgow

no fucking chance*

*would happily have paid that to see it at the GFT

£4.50 at Chapter Arts Cardiff, booked.

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it’s getting a general release on the 14th (with select screenings from the 7th)

quite glad cause that means i can see it for £3.95

saw this months ago but can this be a general rolling louis thread.
can’t stop thinking about him singing yes sir i can boogie on the last adam podcast


saw this last night spoilers below obv

the best bits where when he was confronting them filming him, asking the camerman’s name etc :joy:

marty came across as a much bigger nutcase in this than i think he did in “going clear”, just seems a thoroughly unpleasant guy

still not convinced they actually needed the whole “re-enactment” bits, don’t feel like they really added anything to it after the initial casting bits which were in fairness pretty good

Marty’s rictus grin - terrifying

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Saw it last night with the Q&A after (but from Bristol). Was really entertaining, and an excellent easy watch. It certainly isn’t a good documentary about Scientology, but by the sounds of the Q&A they knew that would be the case, so left that to Going Clear (which I haven’t seen). This is more a fun dance around the edges, poking it with a stick, and seeing what happens. You don’t really learn anything new, and there are so many serious avenues open to them that they could’ve walked down to try and make something more substantial, but that clearly wasn’t the point, so they didn’t.

Liked it.

Feel a bit mixed on this. Going Clear is a far better documentary, but this is quite entertaining and there’s plenty to like. Got a right chuckle whenever it became a “war” of people pointing cameras at eachother.

I felt like there wasn’t enough of the renactment stuff, and the scenes which were included were mostly a retread of events already explained in the documentary. The scene in the hole would have been much more effective if the characters hadn’t been talking about it extensively beforehand. That actor playing David Miscavige was great though.

The feeling I got towards the end of it (and from the Q&A) is that Theroux wants to do a follow up in the future. Probably after there’s been another big change e.g. Miscavige steps down for whatever reason, or senior scientologists start engaging with the press.

Some people here might be interested in this nine part podcast, I’ve been told to check it out: Ross and Carrie Audit Scientology (Part 1): Going Preclear — Oh No Ross and Carrie It’s about people who go join Scientology (sort of undercover) and report back on it. Apparently it’s very extensive.

Saw it (sadly not a Q+A screening) and would say it isn’t worth seeing in the cinema - particularly if you have seen Going Clear.

Entertaining in parts, but just wait for it to come to netflix.

Ooh, that podcast sounds good thx.

For anyone who did see the Q&A, I enjoyed the ‘THERE’S A QUEUE’ lady. Shame she didn’t get to ask her question in the end.

Also the guy who was a complete div (thinking that the person showing louis around his house was a current scientologist trying to convert him)

Yeah he was a div. Ol’ Stevey Mangos (or whatever his name was) clearly said he wasn’t a Scientologist anymore and that he was showing Louis his ‘bit’ that he used to do.

Also, Paz de la Huerta :smile:

good to see her back up and about again after this - Paz De La Huerta in court for $55m lawsuit against Lionsgate | Daily Mail Online