Loungewear (polls)


Do you own slippers?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I would like to

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Owners of slippers, do you wear them regularly?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I would like to wear them more often

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  • I own one
  • I do not own one
  • I would like to own one

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I have lounge shorts. They are my standard loungewear with whatever t-shirt I was already wearing pre-lounging



I love these slippers so much I bought two pairs, so i can replace them when they die.

  • I wear a onesie around the house in winter
  • I have not experienced joy

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I have slipper socks.


Slocks? Soppers?


rocking these bad boys atm

delighted with them


sleeping hat

  • I do not own one
  • I own one
  • I would like to own one

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  • Pyjama bottoms
  • Pyjama top
  • Pyjama set

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Night time attire

  • PJs
  • Night shirt / t-shirt
  • Undies
  • Balls/fanny out
  • Other

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Moving to Spain’s really aged you


Remember these?

  • Totes do! (Yes)
  • No (No)

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omg I lied, I forgot I bought one of these when I was growing my hair long (No idea where it is now right enough)- https://www.silkelondon.com/collections/shop-the-collection


A sleeping hat sounds great, I sleep with my hair tied back so my ears get cold


really want one of these