lousy crotch hole!

I’ll be honest, I really liked my jeans that had a hole in. Just a really convenient way of scratching yr nards

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My preferred pants from H&M are getting crotch holes after barely any time at all these days but I still keep buying em! I just can’t get enough of the H&M short cotton trunks (medium)

I bought some socks recently from…


Thinking well, what a mark of quality, what a turning point in my life. They had gone threadbare on the toes within weeks and some had holes in. Weeks!

You know what I always say, “pants from H&M, socks also from H&M, meatballs from Waitrose, headphones from John Lewis”

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I never get forlorn about the holes in my pants, mind you. These things happen. It’s not worth being forlorn about it.

You know what I’ve learned? It doesn’t seem to happen to joggers. This has been a big boon to me as I have gone a bit #joggerslife during lockdown. Also, and this is probably a body shape thing, but I don’t find that it happens to me as much if I wear women’s jeans, so that’s what I tend to do.