Love Craptually


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  • Actually, it’s shite

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Here is a simple rule for you Noah. If x contains Martine McCutcheon = shite


Its brilliant


Still don’t know how the creepy guy with the cards would have styled it out if Keira Knightley’s man had opened the door instead.


Had never seen it until last night (would you believe!), managed half an hour then chucked in my headphones and watched the football on my laptop. Utter shit


Never bothered watching it.


You’re welcome.


Can I go with “parts of it are really shite but I don’t mind it and I think it gets a bit of a hard time on the boards”?


Does what it’s meant to do, doesn’t it. There are definitely worse contributions to the genre, but there are also obvs better ones. I normally watch it when it’s on during Christmas at some point, so I can get annoyed at the parts I don’t like and emotional at the silly emotional parts.


Team #CultCrit strikes again!


i HATE it

tv LOVES it



Has Bill Nighy ever been in a film that isn’t complete toilet? can’t think of one off the top of my head


It’s fine (acknowledging the content of that post about how awful it is that does the rounds every year on Facebook). Sort of film that we’d never choose to watch but would accidentally start watching because the TV happens to be on whichever channel is showing it and then not stop and go to bed too late as a result.


Massive in Scandinavia.





Yeah Pride’s really good. Sorry Bill, you massive old shit


Genuinely creepy film. Not funny or heartwarming at all.

I wonder how bad someone’s taste would have to be for them to actively like it.


Badmington doubles!


It’s better than The Holiday though tbf, has anyone had to sit through that? Utter, utter guff