Love Craptually

How dare you.

Only marginally better, both are very bad films, agreed.

Ive got great taste

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Shaun of the dead?

The Holiday is good too you chump

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Might wanna check which post I was replying to, m8.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone who watches as many films as you do, and yet holds completely opposite opinions on them to me.

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It isn’t good. It’s actually very very bad

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Possibly one of my favourite films. Watch it every year

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If ever there was a joke guaranteed to get one like and one like only!

Apologies, we’ve established that Bill Nighy is in fact in 2 (two) good films

It’s excellent. You’re WRONG

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Wouldnt life be boring if we all thought the same!

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I watches Get Santa laat night too, was good

I mean, I know you’re not meant to judge a book by it’s cover, but

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Have you not seen it?

I’ve just never come across it before.

I watched it last year on tv expecting it to be over the top and contrived but it was fun and sweet. Plua Jack Blacks not in it much which is a plua

I have, twice

Bill Nighy is a national treasure