Love- Forever Changes

I had this album as a young 'un as it’s part of the rock cannon. I remember thinking it was just the nadir of the Summer of Love albums. Just all the Woodstock cliches.

However listening to it now, it’s really amazing, huh!?

Let’s talk about how great the album is, or what albums you’ve re-evaluated for the positive, or the re-rise of Psychedelic music in the last few years!


I never get tired of that album.


I know someone called Ann Morgan, and to this day whenever I say her name I start singing Andmoreagain.

And if you’ll see Ann Morgan
Then you will know Ann Morgan
For you can see you in her eyes
Then you feel your heart beating


Wondeful album. Incredible to think that it wasn’t a commercial success on release in the US.

That said, it seems to be the only Love album that ever gets mentioned - the first side of Da Capo is every bit as good for my money, while Four Sail is only a whisker below.

Did anyone catch Arthur Lee when he came back in the 00s? I saw him at the tiny Gaelic Club in Sydney and it was mind blowing how good his stuff sounded live (helped by the fact he had an amazing band behind him). Also caught him on the Saturday night of Glastonbury 2004 in a half full acoustic tent - the options that night were Oasis on the main stage or a double header of Arthur Lee followed by The Tindersticks in The Acoustic Tent. Hmm, tricky. Wish I’d got to see the Royal Albert Hall show with the full orchestra. Was something of a shock when he died so soon after his comeback :anguished:

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It’s a fantastic album. I might listen to it now.


Good summer heatwave music. Was blasting ‘Alone Again Or’ in the car just this morning.

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Love this album. Only reason I don’t listen to it more is because I’ve got one of the early CD editions where some stupid fucker involved in its production left this high pitch 12kHz drone running just within audibility across the course of the whole album. Drives me insane :grimacing:

I uderstand its not on later copies, so keep meaning to re-buy it. Saw him at a festival round the time of the reformation - maybe with Shack as his backing band?

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yeah it’s fantastic and it’s not at all summer of love cliche stuff i don’t think. how wrong you were

I saw him a couple of times. Once at the Rocket venue on Holloway Road, with The Seeds (or Sky Saxon supported by some decent musicians). And I was in the audience when Lee appeared on Later with Jools Holland. Mad as a box of frogs at that point but still awesome singer.

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One of my fave rekkids ever. Gonna listen again later, cheers!

Great record. Just queued it up for my journey home.

it’s great. my pal does a great cover of that first track

I was very punk back in the day. A guitar solo was too hippie for me.


saw them at atp in 2004, they were great, and arthur lee spent the whole gig complaining about playing below tindersticks, “Who the fuck are tindersticks?” seemed to be his main grievance.

then as mentioned upthread that year they played the acoustic tent at glastonbury before tindersticks

Contender for the greatest album ever made, never ever tire of it.

So this… You Set The Scene is the sound of summer for me. Always goes on my summer playlists.
Have a lot of nice memories of long drives with Forever Changes, Pet Sounds and Grand Prix by Teenage Fanclub on rotation

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Perfect album.

Lots of good stuff on the other records too.

Arthur Lee was a character eh? Some great interviews. I have one saved on my computer that he did with Jack White back in the early 00s:

‘Mick and Brian Wilson should give it up. They should go home and take care of some of their kids. The Beatle guy, too. Paul McCarthy (sic). He should pack it up. He’s there singing ‘yesterdayyyy’. Yesterday? I’m talking about right now!’

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Yeh I was fortunate to see him 3 or 4 times when he started touring. Most memorable being in King Tuts. Totally brilliant each and every time.

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Yeah, saw him/them back at a 2002 London show. Definitely one of those ‘I can’t believe I’m actually witnessing this’ shows.

Classic album. There’s nothing that I can add to what has been said/written about it over the past 50 years.


only heard it a couple of times but found it a bit underwhelming. Maybe that’s the point though