Love- Forever Changes

only heard it a couple of times but found it a bit underwhelming. Maybe that’s the point though

I tried listening to it about 10 or 15 years ago and could only get through about 2 songs before I had to give up. Had to make sure I hadn’t accidentally put on an Austin Powers soundtrack.

I guess I’ll give it a go again today and see if I’ve turned into the sort of person who can get through a Belle & Sebastian record.

B&S have at least 1.5 good albums!


Great album.

“They’re locking them up today, they’re throwing away the key, I wonder who it’ll be tomorrow, you or me?”

Not on Forever Changes, but this used to get played at Optimo and is such a great song:


Yeah, saw him in Exeter in 2004, one of the best gigs I’ve ever been to. Got a signed setlist somewhere from that. The only signable thing my friend had on her was a fiver and he refused to sign it cause ‘it might be illegal or the queen might find out or some shit’. Brilliant. One of my top 5 albums for sure, there’s never an occasion or mood it doesn’t suit.


Amazing record. Little tip, I stuck this on a few years ago as a houseparty was winding down, about half the people in there were familiar with the record and we’re into it, the others who hadn’t heard it before had their minds blown.

Alone Again Or is my favourite, an obvious choice but man what a song.

I am definitely enjoying it a lot more now. I think it’s maybe still not my thing but it’s an easy listen unlike how grating it was when I tried to listen back when.

What’s everyone’s onions in the Doors? They were another band I initially dismissed then reevaluated. A lot earlier than I did with Love. I think them being heavier helped with me.


(I have always liked The Doors in general and own Strange Days, although Riders on the Storm aside, LA Woman is dreadful.)

I think i’ll listen to it on the walk to work today. It suits this weather!

Between Clarke and Hilldale probably my favourite.

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They were fucking shit


Man, that song is so uplifting. A friend played it out and about at my local pub after a gig a while back, was pure joy. This one isn’t pure joy but I love it, his voice is unbelievable, goosebumps everytime. Signed DC.

I was a bit obsessed with The Doors as a teenager (I must have watched the Oliver Stone film around 50 times - definitely a good use of my time). With the distance of several years, I would describe their output as…variable.

When they’re good, they’re really good - personally I prefer it when they get super dark, like on The End or When The Music’s Over. While the ‘poetic’ side of Morrison’s lyrics and Manzarek’s organ and bass keys might not be to everyone’s taste, it gives them an angle that most of their more beat combo contemporaries lacked. Their lougey poppy stuff can get to fuck however…

The Doors>Strange Days>Morrison Hotel>Waiting For The Sun>LA Woman>>>>>>>>>>>The Soft Parade>>>>>>>>>>>>>>being put on the rack>>>>>>>anything they released post Morrison’s death

Also a huge fan of this album. Perfect sunny day listening, and so intricately orchestral :heart:️ Thanks for reminding me to stick it on this afternoon!

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As a youngster I had disdain for the Doors. But that was probably based on their popularity with a certain type of person. And the student types I’d see wearing t-shrits with Morrison’s face on it. But they do have some great songs, I can admit that now.


I was at that Glastonbury show as well. Might have been half empty but I just remember everyone in there being in absolute awe.

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The Doors seemed hugely popular late 80s/ Early 90s - JM posters everywhere, the film, people going to paris to sit by his grave etc, etc. Then there was definitely a backlash against them, largely based on the realisation that Jim was a massive prick

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Had to be more to it than that, there are loads of dickhead musicians. Though this all reminds me of the bit in Almost Famous where Lester Bangs is deriding The Doors and calling Jim Morrison a drunken buffoon.

Drunken buffoons are my favourite kind of band front man.

I listened to The Zombies’ Odessey and Oracle the other day. I’ve always liked this album but on closer inspection it’s one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Now firmly in my top 10 albums.